November Session Highlights

The Session of First Presbyterian Church, Whiteville, met for its monthly stated meeting on Wednesday, November 9th.  Among items on the agenda, Session:

  • Received introductory correspondence from the Rev. Clarence Page, the new Central Community Mission Coordinator
  • Approved Walter Dinkins as pulpit supply for November 27th
  • Approved the youth ministry team’s request for a fund-raiser, “Parents’ Night Out,” to be held on Friday, December 2nd
  • Received an update from the Pastor Nominating Committee concerning a financial range in the eventual pastor’s Terms of Call
  • Approved Worship Committee’s recommendation for one service on Christmas Eve, to be held at 5:00 p.m.
  • Approved Spiritual Nurture’s recommendation to cancel Sunday School on December 25th
  • Heard from the Nuts-n-Bolts Committee that the deficit in the 2016 budget is smaller than it has been; committees were asked to hold the line on spending

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