January Prayer List

Each week, the worship bulletin includes names of members and friends who are dealing with illness, death, and other concerns.  Please remember them as you pray.  This month, we especially remember:

  • The Meekins family (Jenny, Fred, and Kate) following the death of Jenny’s father, the Rev. Dr. Gene Ensley; his memorial service was held on December 5th
  • Delaney Ware-Rudnik, who had a good checkup on December 19th at UNC Chapel Hill.
  • Emily Cook, recovering at home from a stroke
  • Rhonda Scott
  • Bob High, recovering at home from a stroke
  • Steve Dorsett, who will undergo shoulder surgery on January 30th
  • The Pastor Nominating Committee as it continues to search for a pastoral candidate
  • Victims of Hurricane Matthew living in Columbus, Cumberland, and Robeson counties
  • Berlin, Germany, as it recovers from an attack on a Christmas market
  • Doris Hudlow, Beverly’s mother, had surgery on December 28th for a broken hip and will go to rehabilitation afterward. She has developed atrial fibrillation.

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