Easter Dedications, 2020


Easter Dedications
may be made through April 8, 2020
Please call the office at 910-642-2253 or email karen@fpcwhiteville.org to set up dedications (no paper forms available).

Each dedication is $5.00 and checks should be made to First Presbyterian Church
or by credit/debit at Online Giving

Fourth Week of March, 2020, Newsletter

First News
First Presbyterian Church Third Week of March, 2020 Whiteville, NC

Sunday Worship: Join us Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 11:00am for Livestream Worship services at http://www.facebook.com/fpcwhiteville or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChKHBaz2uwGyeXY1u7daI5A

Worship information:
•Scripture: Mark 15:1-15
•Sermon: “The Final 24-Hours: Jesus and Pilate”

Coronavirus Response:
I can tell you here at First Presbyterian Church there have been, and will be, ongoing conversations as to how we should respond. Here are some things I would share…
⦁ If you are sick, please stay home and seek appropriate medical care…this will protect both you and others who may be around you.
⦁ Along with the CDC and other health organizations, we encourage you to…
⦁ Wash your hands with soap and water!
⦁ If soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer.
⦁ Avoid touching your face.
⦁ Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and dispose of the tissue appropriately.

In Christ,
Pastor Joe
March, 2020 Worship Schedule

corona fb
March 22: Fourth Sunday in Lent Guest minister: Angela Washburn
Sermon: “The Final 24 Hours: Jesus and Pilate” Scripture: Mark 15:1-15
11:00 am Livestream Worship

March 29: Fifth Sunday in Lent
Sermon: “The Final 24 Hours: Mocking of Jesus” Scripture: Mark 15:15b-23
March:   1- Joe Kamberger, 3- Sidney Gibson. 3- Diane Scott, 3- Mary Anne Tyndall, 4- Steve Smith, 11- Wyche McColskey, 11- Will Neisler, 18- Kim Smith, 18- Bill Turner, 19- Kate Meekins, 20- Douglas Spivey, 21- Ann Coburn, 21- Liz McLean, 23- Coke Gray III, 23- Barbara Grigsby, 24- Walter Munroe, 24- Chandler Thurston, 26- Ginger Scott, 28- Marty Ensley, 30- Anne Branch

April: 1- Thad Thomas, 4- Greg Blackmon, 4- Anna Capps, 5- Kim Neisler, 7- Ethan Scott, 10- Judy Harritan, 11- Ellie Horne, 14, Emily Kea Gray, 17 – Mark Smith, 18- Liam Scott, 19- Suzanne Blackmon, 19- Nick Logan, 22- Margaret Gray, 24- Miriam Davenport, 25- Janet Royal, 25- Rachel Smith, 30- Miriam Schulken

Prayer Concerns: Geraldine Becker; John Hall; Dolores Harris; Bob High; Rita & R. L. Lewis; Jayne Smith; Walter Strickland; Will Thompson; David Trogdon.
Assisted Care: Anna Jane Collier; Charlene Hinnant; Kenneth Smith.

Pat Allen – friend of Butch Row, Alzheimer’s
Tricia Bowen – friend of Bookie Trogdon, cancer
Michael Brown – friend of Carrie Burney, cancer
Billie Joe Conrad
Shari Dutton – friend of Bookie and David Trogdon
Betty Engen Faircloth – friend of the church, cancer
Rev. Ben Garris – friend of Joe and Angela, cancer
Shelby Hodge
Barry Housend – friend of Steve Smith, cancer
Phyllis Howlett – friend of Martin Scott, cancer
Roger Kennedy – friend of David Trogdon – stroke
Julie Malone – cousin of Butch Row, dementia
Jerome McPherson
Michael Sellers – friend of Butch Row, cancer
Jim Short – uncle of Carrie Burney, cancer
Shiryl Smith – friend of Butch Row, gallbladder issues
Mike Spradley – friend of the church, cancer
Nancy Washburn – mother of Pastor Joe, hospitalization

Please notify the office when names can be removed.


Whiteville Community Lenten Services 2020
Whiteville United Methodist Church
Worship 12:00 pm Lunch 12:30 pm
Wednesdays, March 25,
April 1, & 8

Pastor Joe will be out of the office from Monday, March 16
and will return Monday morning, March 23, 2020.

Monday, March 23: Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm
Tuesday, March 24: Cub Scout Pack Meeting, Fellowship Hall – 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 25: Lenten Service, Methodist Church – 12:00 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm
Thursday, March 26: Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm


Contact the church office: 910-642-2253 OFFICE HOURS: Closed to visitors
Pastor Joe: pastorjoe@fpcwhiteville.org Karen: karen@fpcwhiteville.org
Cell: 910-625-8023 Website: http://www.fpcwhiteville.org
Angela Washburn: angela@fpcwhiteville.org
Live-Stream of Service: http://www.facebook.com/fpcwhiteville

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

First Presbyterian Church
Worship Announcement
March 15, 2020

It seems that one of my more favorite, or common sayings right now, is “These are difficult times.” During this time with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we have so much to think about and very few definite answers.

One of the questions we are forced to ask concerns gathering for worship. Following our service of worship today the session met to discuss our worship for the coming weeks. Following some honest, and at time difficult, conversations we have made the decision to suspend our in person worship services and other church gatherings through April 4. Our plan is to resume services of worship, and other programs, on Sunday April 5, but we will also be monitoring things as that date approaches.

We appreciate your understanding of this necessary decision that none of us really wanted to make. We will be working on what our online worship experience will look like…so be sure to join us on Facebook or YouTube next Sunday morning.

In Christ,

Pastor Joe