iMPACTS Video December 4, by Pastor Joe

This first week of Advent draws our attention to the promised hope that we find in Jesus. While the world in which we live often seems out of control and hope seems a distant dream, we are called to live by faith in the hope of Jesus…as our Savior and as the King of kings!

“Advent: A Season of Hope” walks us through the emphasis of the first week of Advent. During week one we explore the idea of hope…hope in the midst of a fallen world.

iMPACTS Video November 28, by Pastor Joe

“Advent: An Introduction” is the first in a series that explores what Advent is and what it teaches us. This video is an introduction which helps us understand when the season of Advent is, why we celebrate/observe it, and how it can strengthen our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.

As we turn our attention from Thanksgiving to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, it is helpful for us to not rush to the manger. The season of Advent, basically the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, offers the opportunity to slow down and reflect on our faith. In this first video in this year’s Advent series we will answer the questions, “What is Advent” and “How can Advent help me grow in my faith in Jesus?”

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iMPACTS Video October 31

“Mending Fences” is a phrase used to describe trying to repair a broken relationship. Paul encourages us, as Christians, to seek unity…even in the midst of disagreement. Today’s iMPACTS video explores this idea and challenges us to live a life that works to “mend the fences” in our lives and in our churches.

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“Mending Fences” explores Paul’s challenge for Christians to seek unity. How do we, in the midst of differing opinions and idea, not allow our disagreements to create division between us? Our challenge is that, even in the midst of differences, we should seek to maintain a sense of unity.

IMPACTS Video October 24


“A Heart for Evangelism” looks at Philippians 1:3-5 and how Paul, with a sense of excitement, lifts a prayer of thanksgiving for the faith of those in Corinth. May we see this as a challenge…a challenge to not be content with our own faith and commitment, but to grow a desire, and passion, for the growing faith of others.

iMPACTS Video October 10

“Bearing Fruit: Extravagant Generosity” 

This week’s iMPACTS video, “Bearing Fruit: Extravagant Generosity” focuses on our call to be generous and giving. We are called not only to be generous, but to practice extravagant generosity with our financial resources, things and possessions, time, gifts, and abilities.

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“Bearing Fruit: Extravagant Generosity” focuses on stewardship…not simply as our financial donation to the church, but as a way of living. We explore what it means not be not only generous, but to extravagantly generous.