Two-Minute Tuesdays Together June 22, 2021

On multiple occasions Jesus commands his followers to go out and be his witnesses. We should be clear that this is a call to evangelism. Each and everyone of us is called to be involved in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. In this video I share four ways we can all be involved in the spiritual discipline of evangelism.

Two Minute Tuesdays Together, May 25, 2021

All through scripture we are invited…even commanded…to pray. In fact, we are invited to a life of prayer. There are many obstacles to people making prayer an important part of their daily lives…busy schedules, working too many hours, children’s activities, etc. But none of these change the reality that God invites/commands us to pray. But another reason many people to pray as they should, or even want, is that they feel they do not know how to pray properly. So, in this video I offer some suggestions on how to learn to pray.

Two-Minute Tuesdays Together April 27, 2021

Our growth and development in our Christian life is not an automatic thing. In fact, if we truly want to grow closer to Jesus we must be intentional in our efforts to nurture our faith. In this week’s Two-Minute Tuesdays Together we begin a conversation that will carry us through the next several weeks on how we can…in an intentional way…nurture and grow our Christian faith.

Two-Minute Tuesdays Together, 3/16/2021

Two-Minute Tuesdays Together, 3/16/2021

Have you ever thought…or know someone who believes…that God could never for give you? That you had done something that was too much for God’s grace? As we journey through Lent and near Easter, I want to explore the promise of God in scripture that God’s grace is sufficient, even more than sufficient, to cover all of your sins and the sins of all who believe and trust in Him.

Two-Minute Tuesdays Together, January 19, 2021

Two-Minute Tuesdays Together, January 19, 2021

As we seek to live faithfully to God’s call in our lives, and to His Holy Word, we are called to prayer. And at this point in history, with all that is going on in the world, this call to prayer may be as important as ever. And we are called to pray not only for family and friends, not only for other believers, and not only for people who think and act like us, but for all people. In this week’s video I share a specific call to prayer we have to lift up our leaders…at all levels.