iMPACTS Video, July 10, by Pastor Joe

This week’s iMPACTS video, “Road Signs of Faith: Attractions” asks you to reflect on the question, “What lies ahead?” What is in our future? Where are we headed? As Christians we have an answer. In reflecting on this idea you will also be challenged to not only believe in, but to trust, God’s promises of forgiveness of our sins and of eternal life.

iMPACTS Video, July 3, by Pastor Joe

Along the interstate we often encounter “Rest Area” sings, indicating a designated spot where we can rest and overcome fatigue. In our busy lives we need to heed the repeated scriptural calls to cast our cares, worries, and anxieties on Jesus. In “Road Signs of Faith: Rest Area” you will be challenged to do just that…to live into the call to rest in God’s merciful care.

iMPACTS Video June 5, by Pastor Joe

“Road Signs of Faith: Speed Limit” encourages you to take a step back from your busy life and spend time with God. In our walks of faith, it is important that we make time to be in God’s presence, in God’s word, so that we can nurture and deepen our faith in Him. It isn’t always easy because of the demands of life…but we are challenged in scripture to seek ways to carve out time just to be with God.

iMPACTS Video May 15, by Pastor Joe

“Road Signs of Faith: Yield” continues our exploration of commonly seen road signs and how they may point us to truths of our faith. This episode explores the idea of Christ living within us…of our giving up control and submitting to the Lordship and authority of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

iMPACTS Video, May 1, by Pastor Joe

“Road Signs of Faith: One Way” begins a new iMPACTS series that explores road signs that we encounter every day. While these signs offer us directions while we are navigating along the road, we will use them to explore basic doctrines/beliefs of our faith. We begin by looking at the “One Way” sign and how Jesus is the one, and only, way to salvation.

iMPACTS Video April 24, by Pastor Joe

In “What a Beautiful Name” you will be encouraged to reflect on Philippians 2:9-11 and the majesty of Jesus. It is often easy to sip into auto-pilot when it comes to our faith. But we need to remember that Jesus is truly the name above all names…through him we have forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life. The song “What a Beautiful Name It Is” does a great job of challenging us to remember who Jesus really is. The video of the song, as recorded by Hillsong, can be found here….