“To God Be the Glory”

This week’s iMPACTS video encourages us to see that God is the creator and source of all that is…and that includes our abilities and possessions. God is the give of all things and we are simply stewards of his gifts. The question we must wrestle with is do we live as stewards of God’s good gifts or do we take ownership and control over those things he has entrusted to us? To live faithfully to His call in our lives may we seek to always give Him honor and glory for all things.

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“To God be the Glory” is a wonderful attitude to carry throughout life. To understand that all we have and all we are flows out of God’s goodness and love for us moves us to a life of gratitude. May we live our lives in response to God’s presence and activity among us…and in all things may we truly give Him all the glory!

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