Whiteville Community Lenten Services

Lenten Services 2018

511 North Thompson Street Whiteville, NC 28472
fpcwhiteville.org | 910-642-2253

Wednesday, February 14:
Ash Wednesday 7:00 pm

Thursday, March 29:
Maundy Thursday 7:00 pm

Friday, March 30:
Good Friday 7:00pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church
307 South Franklin Street Whiteville, NC

Sunday, April 1:
Sunrise Service 7:00 am (Outside)
Sunday School 10:00 am
Easter Celebration 11:00 am (Sanctuary)

Bible_14374c (5)

Wednesdays Together Bible Study
Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 pm
Lenten Series: Lamb of God


Beginning Wednesday, February 21 Whiteville Community
Lenten Services 2018
Whiteville United Methodist Church
902 Pinckney Street Whiteville, NC 28472
whitevilleumc.org | 910-642-3376
Worship 12:00 pm | Lunch 12:30 pm

Wednesday, February 21:
Rev. Joseph J. Yaeger
Pastor of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
Wednesday, February 28:
Dr. Darrin K. Moore
Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church
Wednesday, March 7:
Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Washburn
Pastor of First Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, March 14:
Rev. Andy Anderson
Pastor of Father’s Cup Overflow Ministries, SC
Wednesday, March 21:
Rev. Justin DuBose
Pastor of Missionary Alliance Church
Wednesday, March 28:
Rev. Bob Hankins
Hallsboro United Methodist Church

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