June, 2019 Prayer List

Prayer Concerns: Geraldine Becker; Anna Capps; John Hall; Dolores Harris; Bob High; Rita & R. L. Lewis; Miriam Marks; Walter Strickland; Will Thompson.
Assisted Care: Arlene Blaha; Anna Jane Collier; Charlene Hinnant; Grace Palmer; Kenneth Smith; Ellen Thurston.

Pat Allen – friend of Butch Row, cancer
Rob, Abby, Cecelia Armstrong – friends of Martin Scott
Annette Caldwell
Jay Coker – friend of Pastor Joe, cancer
Billie Joe Conrad
Shari Dutton – friend of Bookie and David Trogdon
Shelby Hodge
Barry Housend – friend of Steve Smith, cancer
John Jolly – friend of Kaye Pope, cancer
Julie Malone – cousin of Butch Row, dementia
Dale Manning – friend of Charlene High, brain tumor
Daphne McLeod – friend of Butch Row, cancer

Jerome McPherson
Paul Pipkin, Jr. – friend of David Trogdon, stroke
Danny Robinson – friend of David Trogdon, hospitalized
Hollis Salyer – friend of the church, cancer
Ken Smith – friend of Butch Row, cancer
Tori Tarro – friend of Mandy Smith, cancer
Melba Ward – mother of Janet Royal, stroke
Willie Wilkins – friend of David Smith
Please notify the office when names can be removed

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