Wednesdays Together Bible Study: “Unlocking the Bible”


Unlocking the Bible graphic



Most people have a Bible!  It may be beside your bed, favorite chair, or it could be sitting on your coffee table with family pictures and recipes tucked neatly within its covers.  It could also be on your phone, tablet, or computer.  You may rarely see it or it could be a part of your daily life.  While 88% of people in the United States say they own a Bible…with each household having an average of 4.7 Bibles…studies show that only 37% of Americans’ read their Bible once a week or more.  Why don’t more people regularly read their Bible?  Well, that is a difficult question, but I do know that for many people there are times that the Bible can seem rather intimidating.  Simply picking up the Bible and reading makes some people nervous; talking about the meaning of a particular passage causes some people to clam up; understanding its message and allowing it to guide your life can be downright overwhelming.


Our Bible Study series this fall, “Unlocking the Bible,” will seek to help us overcome our obstacles to understanding the Bible.  In this class we will not be trying to interpret the scriptures or tell you how to apply them.  Instead, our aim is to develop a better understanding of the Bible…its structure, key people, and events.  Armed with this information the time you spend reading and studying the Bible will be enhanced.



September 11, 18, October 2, 9, and 16, 2019

***6:30 PM***


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