COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

First Presbyterian Church
Worship Announcement
March 15, 2020

It seems that one of my more favorite, or common sayings right now, is “These are difficult times.” During this time with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we have so much to think about and very few definite answers.

One of the questions we are forced to ask concerns gathering for worship. Following our service of worship today the session met to discuss our worship for the coming weeks. Following some honest, and at time difficult, conversations we have made the decision to suspend our in person worship services and other church gatherings through April 4. Our plan is to resume services of worship, and other programs, on Sunday April 5, but we will also be monitoring things as that date approaches.

We appreciate your understanding of this necessary decision that none of us really wanted to make. We will be working on what our online worship experience will look like…so be sure to join us on Facebook or YouTube next Sunday morning.

In Christ,

Pastor Joe

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