Fourth Week of March, 2020, Newsletter

First News
First Presbyterian Church Third Week of March, 2020 Whiteville, NC

Sunday Worship: Join us Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 11:00am for Livestream Worship services at or

Worship information:
•Scripture: Mark 15:1-15
•Sermon: “The Final 24-Hours: Jesus and Pilate”

Coronavirus Response:
I can tell you here at First Presbyterian Church there have been, and will be, ongoing conversations as to how we should respond. Here are some things I would share…
⦁ If you are sick, please stay home and seek appropriate medical care…this will protect both you and others who may be around you.
⦁ Along with the CDC and other health organizations, we encourage you to…
⦁ Wash your hands with soap and water!
⦁ If soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer.
⦁ Avoid touching your face.
⦁ Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and dispose of the tissue appropriately.

In Christ,
Pastor Joe
March, 2020 Worship Schedule

corona fb
March 22: Fourth Sunday in Lent Guest minister: Angela Washburn
Sermon: “The Final 24 Hours: Jesus and Pilate” Scripture: Mark 15:1-15
11:00 am Livestream Worship

March 29: Fifth Sunday in Lent
Sermon: “The Final 24 Hours: Mocking of Jesus” Scripture: Mark 15:15b-23
March:   1- Joe Kamberger, 3- Sidney Gibson. 3- Diane Scott, 3- Mary Anne Tyndall, 4- Steve Smith, 11- Wyche McColskey, 11- Will Neisler, 18- Kim Smith, 18- Bill Turner, 19- Kate Meekins, 20- Douglas Spivey, 21- Ann Coburn, 21- Liz McLean, 23- Coke Gray III, 23- Barbara Grigsby, 24- Walter Munroe, 24- Chandler Thurston, 26- Ginger Scott, 28- Marty Ensley, 30- Anne Branch

April: 1- Thad Thomas, 4- Greg Blackmon, 4- Anna Capps, 5- Kim Neisler, 7- Ethan Scott, 10- Judy Harritan, 11- Ellie Horne, 14, Emily Kea Gray, 17 – Mark Smith, 18- Liam Scott, 19- Suzanne Blackmon, 19- Nick Logan, 22- Margaret Gray, 24- Miriam Davenport, 25- Janet Royal, 25- Rachel Smith, 30- Miriam Schulken

Prayer Concerns: Geraldine Becker; John Hall; Dolores Harris; Bob High; Rita & R. L. Lewis; Jayne Smith; Walter Strickland; Will Thompson; David Trogdon.
Assisted Care: Anna Jane Collier; Charlene Hinnant; Kenneth Smith.

Pat Allen – friend of Butch Row, Alzheimer’s
Tricia Bowen – friend of Bookie Trogdon, cancer
Michael Brown – friend of Carrie Burney, cancer
Billie Joe Conrad
Shari Dutton – friend of Bookie and David Trogdon
Betty Engen Faircloth – friend of the church, cancer
Rev. Ben Garris – friend of Joe and Angela, cancer
Shelby Hodge
Barry Housend – friend of Steve Smith, cancer
Phyllis Howlett – friend of Martin Scott, cancer
Roger Kennedy – friend of David Trogdon – stroke
Julie Malone – cousin of Butch Row, dementia
Jerome McPherson
Michael Sellers – friend of Butch Row, cancer
Jim Short – uncle of Carrie Burney, cancer
Shiryl Smith – friend of Butch Row, gallbladder issues
Mike Spradley – friend of the church, cancer
Nancy Washburn – mother of Pastor Joe, hospitalization

Please notify the office when names can be removed.


Whiteville Community Lenten Services 2020
Whiteville United Methodist Church
Worship 12:00 pm Lunch 12:30 pm
Wednesdays, March 25,
April 1, & 8

Pastor Joe will be out of the office from Monday, March 16
and will return Monday morning, March 23, 2020.

Monday, March 23: Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm
Tuesday, March 24: Cub Scout Pack Meeting, Fellowship Hall – 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 25: Lenten Service, Methodist Church – 12:00 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm
Thursday, March 26: Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous, Community Room – 8:00 pm


Contact the church office: 910-642-2253 OFFICE HOURS: Closed to visitors
Pastor Joe: Karen:
Cell: 910-625-8023 Website:
Angela Washburn:
Live-Stream of Service:

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