Mask Policy Change May 17, 2021

First Presbyterian Church
Mask Policy Change
May 17, 2021

I suspect we would all agree that it has been quite a year.  Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the Session has sought to input policies that provided a safe worship and meeting space.  As more and more people receive the vaccine and as guidance from the CDC, as well as Governor Cooper, have changed, the Session felt it was time to once again review our policies.  Yesterday following worship, during our regular stated meeting, we made the following changes.

  1. The Session dismissed the mask and distancing protocols for worship and church gatherings.
  2. Masks will continue to be necessary for those coming into the church office.
  3. We will resume offering nursery care during worship.
  4. We will return to having hymn books and Bibles in the pews…but certainly feel free to bring your own Bible!

 In Christ,
Pastor Joe

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