Central Community Gathering to be Held January 21st

This congregation is part of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina.  A year ago, the Presbytery began working with a new design, one which brings presbytery life closer to home.  Now, each one of the three Communities (West, Central, and East) gathers at least once a year on their own.  These gatherings have a limited amount of business and plenty of freedom to awaken spiritual imagination, develop leaders, and share in mission together.

Whiteville is part of the Central Community, which will meet again on January 21st, at Peace Church in Fayetteville.  Elder Deb Viets will serve as FPC’s Commissioner.  Also included in the event will be:

  • Worship
  • Officer training
  • Sharing groups
  • Fellowship activities that include a chili cook-off and a homemade dessert cook-off (with cash prizes!)

ANY CHURCH MEMBER MAY PARTICIPATE IN THIS GATHERING.  So call the church office or one of the interim co-pastors if you are interested.  You just might be pleasantly surprised!

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