Upcoming Presbytery Events

Each year, the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina hosts or sponsors a number of events for the benefit of church members.  In February, two such events will take place. One is a Confirmation retreat on the 3rd(Friday night) through the 5th(Sunday) at Monroe Camp and Conference Center.  This retreat is aimed at middle-school kids who are preparing to become confirmed members of their congregation.  More information can be found on the Presbytery’s website, presbycc.org.

The other event this winter is a workshop, “Exploring Vibrant Congregations,” on Saturday, February 18th, Highland Church, Fayetteville.  At this one-day event, participants will explore the opportunities and challenges both of starting a new worshipping community and of developing a congregation that stays vibrant and strong for years to come.  Besides the Presbytery’s Transformation Coaches, Beverly and George Thompson, this event will be led by Vera White, Coordinator for New Church Development, Presbyterian Mission Agency.

If you have any interest at all in what it takes to start a new church and/or to keep a church dynamic and vibrant, consider attending this event.  Beverly or George can give you more information, or you can contact the Rev. Sally Henry at sallyahenry@me.com.

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